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The MTB Zone Bikepark in Bischofsmais

The BMW bikepark has been opened June 11th 1999. Its a dream for everybody who likes biking.
If you want to do Freeride, Dual Slalom, Downhill, BikerX, Cross Country or Biker Parcours,
you will find the perfect trail for you. From easy to hard. An Adventure Trail and a Fitness Trail are planned.

And if you decide to spend a biking-holiday in Bischofsmais, we offer several
accommodations on our Bischofsmais infopage.

Description of the trails:

lengthca. 2 kmca. 300 metersca. 1,7 km
altitude marginca. 260 metersca. 50 metersca. 260 meters
characteristicsmoderate speed
recommended for bikes with shock absorbers
moderate speed
many curves
recommended for all kinds of bikes
two small, parallel trails
fast speed
very small trails with jumping hills
range of difficultylight & easymoderatedifficult

 Cross CountryBike-ParcoursBikerX
lengthn/aca. 300 metersca. 500 meters
altitude marginup to 400 metersmax. 20 metersca. 70 meters
characteristicscross-country for beginners as well as professionalsdifferent trails for everybodymoderate speed
recommended for all kinds of bikes
4 bikers can start at the same time
range of difficultyn/alight & easymoderate

You will find further information on the BMW - Bikepark on the pages of "BMW Bikepark".