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History of Bischofsmais

FarmCenturies ago, monks of the monastery Niederalteich cleared the "Nortwald" to cultivate this land. This was done under orders of the bishop of Passau. The ancient form of clearing was called "maizzen". In that context the name of Bischofsmais was born. In the year 1136, the village was first mentioned in a certificate under the name of Perthold von Piscolfelmaez.

In those days, traders - called "Säumer" - used the small and narrow trails to trade fells, grain and, above all, salt between Bavaria and Böhmen. One of these ways was called the "Böhmweg", which took from Deggendorf, via Greising, Bischofsmais and Zwiesel to Prague. Nowadays, the Böhmweg is known as one of the most wonderful walking-ways.

Around the year 1322, monk "Hermann" from Heidelberg came to the forest and built a hermitage to lead a life of celibacy, repentance and contemplation. In the 18th century, thousands of people made a pilgrimage to "St. Hermann". This brought great economical progress to the village of Bischofsmais, which soon included a school, an inn and a church in the style of the early Rococo. But the town was destroyed by fire on Aug. 9th 1864. Only 3 houses were left after this catastrophe.

Dr. Josef Freundorfer was the most famous inhabitant in Bischofsmais. He was appointed bishop of Augsburg in 1949. In the house in which he was born, a famous writer, Max Peinkofer, lived there for many years. Nowadays, Bischofsmais is a real good place for the whole family, with its healthy air and those many sights. A large variety of leisure-facilities make Bischofsmais a real adventure for families.