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Place of pilgrimage: St. Hermann

Hiking to St. HermannRoughly 15 minutes walking distance from Bischofsmais you will find the place of pilgrimage "St. Hermann". In the year 1322 a hermitage was built by monk Hermann, where he spent a life of celibacy, repentance and contemplation. After his death, people of Bischofsmais declared him as their (holy) patron saint. Little by little a further chapel and church were built. The pilgrims-church "St. Hermann" has been restored just a few years ago.

At St. Hermann on the days honoring St. Laurentius Aug. 10 and St. Bartholomew Aug. 24 you can experience traditional Bavarian folk-lore first hand. Festivals take place where visitors come from far and wide to take part in the church services and afterwards the atmosphere is of music, traditional food, arts and crafts.

Place of pilgrimage: St. Hermannn